I would like to give the option to my users to switch between fluid and fixed layout when viewing nodes of a specific type. There is an option in the adaptive theme where you set the maximum width. Is there a way for me to bypass this and give a button to my users that will allow them to switch between fluid and fixed layout?


Assuming that you did not heavily modify the base structure of Adaptive Theme, you can explore using a custom solution to do this.

For example you can add a button like this in a block's contents (using the Raw HTML input format):

<button id="toggle-width">Toggle Width</button>

then a new class in your CSS to override the max-width property in .container (this is where the max-width is set in Adaptive Theme):

.page-full-width { max-width: none !important; }

and then add some jQuery to your button:

$( "button#toggle-width" ).click(function() {
  $( "#page" ).toggleClass( "page-full-width" );

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