I have created several content types and using views I have created blocks that take the uid as an argument and displays content that that author has created. So far so good.

What I want to do now is create a module that displays all these blocks in a given area,

I have the HTML ready and I can create a page that passes the markup back to drupal and display that, what I would like to do is populate those areas with the given block.

so for example. If I have a page called:

www.example.com/displayMyContent/58 (where 58 is the user ID)

the HTMl of the page would be online these lines:

$uid = args(2);
$markup = "
<div id="myVideoBlock"> ". drupal_call_to_render_block("MyVideosBlock", $uid). "</div>";


what would be the function to insert the given block into the given section and how would I pass the $uid to the block so that only the authors content would be displayed?

Also there are reasons why i am not using the blcok functions in admin mainly because there will be other blocks added on the page and I need control of where the blocks will be placed

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I think you may be able to do this by using the global $user variable.

  1. 1 create the hooks block_info and block_view

  2. create hook_theme()

  3. define a theme to be able to pass variables to template.
  4. create the template

in your block_view do something along the lines of this:

    case 'myvideoblock':
            global $user;
            $view = views_get_view('YOURVIEW');
            $result = $view->execute;
            $your_variable = $result->result;
            $block['content'] = theme('videoblock', array('your_variable' => $your_variable));

You should poke around in the $result->result object to get to your content though.

Hope this helps

  • Fantastic, thank you very much this works perfectly! Sep 14, 2014 at 12:17

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