I want to ajaxify my site. Everything, that is usally parsed as "Page Content" sould be opened in a lightbox. So the idea is to ajaxify every link and let #lightbox be filled with the result.

but before ajax parses the request-result, I want some javascript to be done. So I want an event to be triggered after the ajax respond, and want to parse the result by myself.

any suggestions?


I could store the content in an hidden div#object, and use an ajax_command_invoke('body','trigger',array('myevent')) to trigger a function attached to myevent. Does this make sense? than I just dont know how to implement this to all links.

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Are you using AJAX API? All the Ajax commands have the same return, for example

    'command' => 'insert',
    'method' => 'html',
    'selector' => $selector,
    'data' => $html,
    'settings' => $settings,

And if you open the file misc/ajax.js, you will find insert() function in Drupal.ajax.prototype.commands. I think now you got the idea right? You just need to define a new ajax command by extending standard library, for example

Drupal.ajax.prototype.commands.lightbox = function (ajax, response, status) {
    // Do something with response.

And on server side, you just need to return

    'command' => 'lightbox',

You can put more options in the command like what core does.


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