I am using flat rate shipping service and I want to add a value to shipping service price, I know drupal commerce has a rule for this job, Add an amount to the unit price , but when I want to complete it I don't know what is should enter in Line item section ?

I try below one by one


but no one work. exactly what this mean, I want add value to only line item that is shipping type, I search google but didn't get any example or something similar this.

appreciate any lead an suggestion about what I should enter in line item ?

enter image description here

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You are editing the component rule for the flat rate. Instead, you'll want to create a shipping pricing rule.


In that video, I show you how to set up a shipping pricing rule that only runs on a particular flat rate service ... I've linked for you to jump to the part of the video that walks you through that.

The two conditions you're looking to add:

Entity has field (it should have the shipping service field) Data Comparison (the shipping service field should equal whatever flat rate you want to tweak)


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