I wonder if there is a way of let users continue with survey (webform) in case they close the browser or the tab. For example:

I have a very long webform survey, it has like 30 questions, if Users start answering the survey today I need to let them continue with it if they close it and reopen it tomorrow.

example the url ot my survey is "node/1"

so if user begins the survey and closes it, then tomorrow he must be able for login and go to "node/1" and continue with the survey, right now users have to start over if they close the tab.

any idea? suggestions?

Thank you

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It's simple. Go to your webform and add page break type wherever you want to split the form.

enter image description here

Then go to Form Settings and check Automatically save as draft between pages and when there are validation errors. or Show "Save draft" button.

enter image description here

If you want to go further, meaning if you want to save a draft when user closes the browser. check Use AJAX to auto save a draft

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