I'm using the Fusion theme for its responsive components but there are some things I want to tweak on the different layouts based on the screen size of the device viewing.

How can I apply style changes to say the phone layout, but not change the desktop and tablet layouts?

As a working example, lets say I wanted to accomplish the following:

/* Desktop + Tablet */
h1 {
  color: red;

/* Phones */
h1 {
  color: blue;

Are there selectors I should be using to accomplish this type of fine tuning?


You might find this post on media queries and width attributes useful.

  • Is this generally how Fusion themers accomplish this kind of edit? I'm very new to responsive theming and want to follow the 'standards' as closely as possible while I'm learning. :) – Citricguy Sep 17 '14 at 0:52
  • I don't know about Fusion at all, but all themes use CSS and media queries are how CSS determines what sort of device you are using. – Darvanen Sep 17 '14 at 3:46

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