I have created a image gallery using the ECK module and for some reason the taxonomy is not working.

These are the step I follow to created the image gallery.

  1. Created a Entity called Media
  2. Created a Bundle called Pictures
  3. Add a Image Field (image field is from Flickr Field so all the images are been pull from Flickr)
  4. Add a term reference field (taxonomy)
  5. I created a views to display the images (http://test-darrylnorris.gotpantheon.com/media/pictures-gallery)
  6. Finally add some images to the entity media --> bundle pictures and some taxonomy.

But when I click on the taxonomy term is showing me this error

There is currently no content classified with this term.

That's not true they are different taxonomy using the term. Also I'm using the Content Taxonomy to provide the Auto-complete field.

How can I troubleshoot this problem ? Or why my taxonomy terms are not working?

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Someone answer my question on Drupal.org forums.

Taxonomy only works with nodes. It's been hard-coded that way.


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