I'm not sure if this is possible in drupal 7, but I think I may have seen something like this happen before. Let's say i added a content and you can see it at the url http://mysite.com/my-article. In the content area, I'm displaying a block that's made by a custom module. Right now, I have no problems going to a url like http://mysite.com/my-article?var1=hello, and then having my module responsible for creating the block to print $_GET['var1'].

However, the only change I would like to make is to have friendly urls. I would prefer the url to be http://mysite.com/my-article/hello, then I would output the same content in my module block. Is this easily do-able?

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All is right what you are doing.

You cannot pass additional parts randomly with URL without adding them to menu registry and associating with callback.

Drupal uses $_GET['q'] for default URL path and makes it SEO friendly. $_GET['q'] can contain 9 parts in total in Drupal 7 (7 parts in Drupal 6). Each part can be accessed via arg(n) function.


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