I installed Automatic Nodetitles 7.x-1.0 on Drupal 7 for Staff Content Type. Everything seems perfect except the feature "Pattern for the title" for "Automatically generate the title and hide the title field".

The pattern I replaced with "[node:field-firstname] [node:field-middlename] [node:field-lastname], but it displayed the ACTUAL TEXT "[node:field-middlename]" on title when middle name is empty. Is there a setting or solution to hide pattern when empty?


Try the -dev version of the module. The release date for 1.0 of autmoatic nodetitles is 2011-Jun-07. You really think something released in 2011 is bug-free in against Drupal 7.31 (current stable release) ...

If you really care you could request a new supported release of the module in the issue queue.


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