I am designing a personal website. I wanted to display my photo in the side bar in the home page. Below is screenshot-

enter image description here

To get the above display, I have created a basic page in which I have inserted the dummy image using IMCE in CKEditor. Then I have created a view, which is a block of basic page. In this view, the filter criteria is the content title, which should be equal to "my passport size image". Now I have added this block to sidebar.

I am looking for a better way to achieve the same.

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This is sadly a reasonable solution - one of the easiest. However, as you can see, it's sad because your content - the image - isn't being managed by the entity which is displaying it. This is very confusing when you go back and edit your content. You'll have to wonder - "Where is this being displayed?"

A better solution is to use the BEAN module. This will allow you to build a block type - much like a content type - which has an image attachment. Then, you can manage the display of that image on the block itself. In fact, you can any fields you like to your block type!


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