Can anyone please guide me on how do I create a photobox that contains image and I wanted to display that image on landing page.

I have created content type as an Image. But, I don't know how to display that image in landing page.

I am new to Drupal. Any help will be appreciated.


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First of all: welcome to Drupal :) But then I right away have say sorry, but I think it's not really a good idea to ask people to "guide you on how to…". People here try to ask straight questions and give straight answers – if they can.

About your actual question: for displaying a specific page as your front page a.f.a.i.k. all you have to do is to go to Configuration > then Site Information > then you can adjust the Default front page setting by entering the path of any of your pages… Hope this helps…?

And last but not least I can just recommend you spend some time with some basic recources and tutorials – for example Drupal 7 – the Essentials is sheer greatness! And the Community Documentation has almost every important aspect of Drupal listed, that one could need for a start…


with tillinberlin answer I would like to add. tillinberlin told you about landing page. here I want to tell you about display images

Even I am doing same thing I gone through the YoxView and fancyBox modules to view of my images.

choose one to view your images which best suites for you.



I don't have question for "displaying a specific page as your front pag".

I asked question for "Image." Anyways Thanks for some information though!!

I have created specific image style for my image box by going into "Configuration -> Image Styles.

I have created Content Types for image.

For example lets say, Content type is: "Top Left Image". I have defined fields called "Image Name" and "Image" into "Top Left Image".

Then I have created one view called " Top Left Imagebox". In view, I have defined fields called Content: Image.

Formatter: Image

Image Style: Selected specific image style.

Link Image to: Nothing

I have used Rewrite Rule to make a view that displays image or video filed if present.

No Results Behavior: [field_image]

Checked - Hide rewriting if empty

Checked Rewrite the output of this field.

I have defined this view into my Landing Panel Page. But, somehow image is not displaying into the browser.

Yes, I am using Drupal-7.



To get an image or any other field as content you should:

  • Edit your page.tlp.php
  • if theres only one image and if your field has a machine name 'image': $image_url = file_create_url($node->image["und"][0]["uri"]);

$node is where your content is stored

"image" followed by "->" is your machine name where you get by array all values related to your field

and final file_create_url() converts your uri to url like the method's name suggests

To output your image you can do something simple like this:

      $image_url = file_create_url($node->image["und"][0]["uri"]);
      echo "<img src='{$image_url}' width='300' />";


You can always add a module like this one Photobox to get the job done. I am assuming that your are using D7. please precise your Drupal's version next time :)

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