I have created a View on my /blog/ page for displaying blog articles. For layout reasons this view is in a block.

This view has a contextual filter for Taxonomy tid on node and, since it is a block, it has a default value of Taxonomy Term ID from URL. When I enter tids in the preview box it works.

However, how do I format this in the url? /blog/1 /blog/term/1 and /blog?tid=1 all return 404 pages. How do I put the tid in the url?

  • Are you using 'page manager' with your Views. As this is where you can set which argument from the URL to send over.
    – Deejay
    Sep 18, 2014 at 16:06

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Mainly contextual filter works with /blog/page/[contextual filter id] e.g. /blog/page/2

By default its hard to pass the contextual filter id to a block, but you can do it this way

If you have url blog/page/2 then you can set this as shown in the image(3rd argument is 2 that will be passed to view block ), also add necessary relations accordingly.

Hope it will help you.

enter image description here

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