I have a custom content type that has a users: entity reference autocomplete field. For some reason the list gets populated as [realname] ([name]). In other words the realname and username tokens are both shown in the autocomplete list. Is there a way to only show the realname token?

I would like to go from this... Current Entity Reference as Autocomplete field

To this Desired Entity Reference as Autocomplete field

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Set up a view for the autocomplete.

You can use this tutorial: http://speaksdrupal.com/blog/custom-entityreference-handlers-using-views

Then add that as the view to use for autocomplete.


Whatever fields are searched will show up in the drop down. So if you remove e-mail from the list of fields searched, it won't show up in the drop-down.

  • thanks!! worked great... just have to remember to change the view's default access permissions otherwise it seems to not change the rendered entity reference for anonymous users!!
    – John R
    Commented Sep 19, 2014 at 16:40

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