I am trying Boxes for first time instead of block, however. It is adding some wrapper DIVs. I usually use hook_preprocess_block() to remove them but it is not the case with Boxes

 function HOOK_preprocess_block(&$variables)
    switch ($variables['block']->region) {
            $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = 'block__no_wrap';

How to remove DIVs wrapper for Boxes? Thank you for any help


I have not tried Boxes myself, but looking at its code, it looks like they use a theme function to produce the markup for the boxes.

If you implement theme_boxes_box (found in boxes.admin.inc) in your own theme/module you can just copy the code from it and remove the markup you don't want.

 * Overrides theme_boxes_box().
function MYMODULE_boxes_box($variables) {
  $block = $variables['block'];

  $empty = '';

  // Box is empty
  if ((empty($block['title']) || ($block['title'] == '<none>') ) && empty($block['content'])) {

    // add a class to mark the box as empty
    $empty = ' box-empty';

    // show something if the block is empty but the user has the permission to edit it
    if (boxes_access_edit()) {
      $block['content'] = t('This box appears empty when displayed on this page. This is simply placeholder text.');
    else {

  $output = "<div id='boxes-box-" . $block['delta'] . "' class='boxes-box" . (!empty($block['editing']) ? ' boxes-box-editing' : '') . $empty . "'>";
  $output .= '<div class="boxes-box-content">' . $block['content'] . '</div>';
  if (!empty($block['controls'])) {
    $output .= '<div class="boxes-box-controls">';
    $output .= $block['controls'];
    $output .= '</div>';
  if (!empty($block['editing'])) {
    $output .= '<div class="box-editor">' . drupal_render($block['editing']) . '</div>';
  $output .= '</div>';
  return $output;
  • That did it. Thank You p.s. I was altering registry from module, but hey! it does for you in theme/template.php – latvian Sep 22 '14 at 22:20

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