Like e.g. there are two select options type components that has various amounts of $ to select from. So if user selects in one field $100 and $200 then the next field below it would generate the total which would be $300 in this example.

I did research, and the module Webform Calculation Components does the exact thing I want, but it does that only with numeric fields where user has to type amounts manually. So it's a no-go. In my case user has to select from drop-down list already given amounts.


  • Does the values have specific increment like 100,200,300? or they can be in any manner? Sep 24, 2014 at 12:06

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You can use Webform Calculator module for your purpose.

This module provides a formula webform component for computed values, where you can enter a mathematical calculation based on the other fields. E.g. Create a formula field with value formkey1 * 0.1 * formkey2.

Let us know incase of any concern/query regarding this.


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