I would like to find out the best way to load custom CSS/JS for each textarea with CKEditor. For me, each Content Type has different CSS/JS and I would like to load them with the CKEditor on that particular page.

How do I hook into the CKEditor module to do just that?

P.S CKEditor is an independent module and not part of WYSIWYG Drupal Setup.


use hook_page_build to add or remove css or js files to the page based on the url. See the examples module for developers on how to add/remove js or css and to examples of render arrays.

your question is not so much about the CKeditor module or WYSIWYG module -- just how to customize css and js on specific criteria such as the page url.

  • Thank you tenken. The CSS/JS added to the Content Page do not apply to the content of textarea of CKEditor..How to apply the same CSS/JS of the page to the content of the textarea? Thanks for help
    – latvian
    Sep 24 '14 at 22:53

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