I have a Drupal 6.26 site with a custom menu like so:

-Category 1
-Category 2

All Category pages are genrated by a view (e.g. sitename.com/intranet/category)

All pages that are children of each category are nodes.

My primary problem is, when a category page is selected, the menu it's associated with doesn't expand. The site owner doesn't want the menus expanded by default.

A secondary problem is the menu won't expand when one of the child pages is selected unless it has the path /intranet/category/*, which is not always desired.

Hopefully a bit of code can solve this issue.


Five lines of code placed in a views template file solved the issue:

    $path = drupal_get_path_alias(check_plain($_GET['q']));
    $menu_item = menu_get_item($path);
    $menu_item['href'] = $path;
    if($path && $menu_item) {
      menu_set_item(NULL, $menu_item);
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