i have a site where I use display suite for custom page display. And all works. Now I need to add a custom field formatter for the "Author" field, but I don't find how to link "author" to a new field formatter.

I know that I need to use hook_field_formatter_info() but I don't understand which is the right value for "field types". I have tried with "user", "user_reference", "text","author" but nothing.

I have tried to see how Display Suite define its fields formatter, but for this field the module use "2" for this value:

$fields['node']['author'] = array(
    'title' => t('Author'),
    'field_type' => DS_FIELD_TYPE_FUNCTION,
    'function' => 'ds_render_author_field',
    'properties' => array(
      'formatters' => array(
        'author' => t('Author'),
        'author_linked' => t('Author linked to profile')



So how can I add one new field formatter for the author field ?



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I have found the solution: I have to create a new display suite formatter because that page use ds for the display.

I have read this:

Creating custom display suite fields or how I learned to stop worrying and use hook_ds_fields_info()

and I have created my formatter. All works. Thanks for all to all.


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