My site has a menu/top nav of course and I have various dropdown/sub menus. Yesterday it was all working fine. If you are an anonymous user, you see a particular menu item, that has a particular dropdown. If an authenticated user, you see another menu.

Today, I looked at the page, first as an anonymous users, the top level menus are there, but when I hover the dropdown menus items do not appear. I then logged in and same thing, the top level is there, but the hover does not display the submenus at all.

I then logged in as the admin and can see the top level menu and on hover, all the submenus appear. So natural thought, something happened with the permissions settings, but I checked everything "seems" fine. The only changes between today and yesterday afternoon where several updates to a stylesheet and I did add/install several modules [webform, token, date, calendar geolocation], I have not done anything to turn off the menu. The top level is checked to show as expanded and of course, they show and function correctly when I am logged in as the ADMIN.

To explain my setup: where needed, I created two top menus for "speakers" for example: speakers ->one ->two (permissions set to display for anonymous users) speakers ->five ->twelve (permissions set to display for anonymous users)

In the above example, anonymous user goes to page, hovers over speakers menu item, and should see in the dropdown [submenu items one and two] and this has been working for weeks now. Same would apply for the authenticated user hovering over the second "speakers" and seeing [five and twelve in the submenu].

How do I debug this scenario to find out what is wrong? I've been doing this long enough to know it is probably something I have done, but after checking permissions, checking menu visibility - oh I am also using the "Menu Per role" module that has been in place for weeks, I would like some insight on how to attack this problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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just posting my solution for those who may come after.

As I stated above, I did suspect that it was something I had or had not done to cause this issue. Knowing for certain that the only changes made were related to stylesheet updates, which I knew could not cause this problem, and loading of new modules, I decided I would have to uninstall them one-by-one, but before doing that, I went over the modules I installed yesterday [just a note: the reason I didn't see this issue yesterday was because the correct display had been cached] and thought about the problem and which module would most relate to that problem, so I started with jquery_update. [jquery/javascript typically used for these types of effects, hover onClick, etc.]

I installed jquery_update yesterday. I did change the admin display option to version 1.7, but I left the working option at 1.10. I disabled the module, refreshed my page and the submenus did appear on hover.

I was going to uninstall the module completely, then decided to set the working version back to 1.8 and the dropdown on hover continued to work.

I have not had time to really look, but the original developer set up the site with an older theme and I bet there is a conflict in the version used in the theme he/she chose and the most recent version of jquery.

Hopefully this will save someone a few hours of their life.

I do still love Drupal.

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