I'm converting a Wordpress site to Drupal. To do so, I need to import a wordpress export file. But whenever I try to import my wordpress export file, I get this error:

Warning: XMLReader::open() [xmlreader.open]: Unable to open source data in WordPressBlog->__construct() (line 188 of /mnt/www/html/dev/docroot/sites/all/modules/wordpress_migrate/wordpress.inc).

Exception: Could not open XML file wordpress://blog.wordpress.2013-09-05.xml in WordPressBlog->__construct() (line 219 of /mnt/www/html/dev/docroot/sites/all/modules/wordpress_migrate/wordpress.inc)

As shown in the path names within the error mesages also (ie: 'wordpress_migrate'), I'm using the Wordpress Migrate module. For this module, only a 7.x version exists.

I'm not quite sure why it can't read the XML file. I've run the file through the xmllint command with no errors.

Can anyone help me with this?

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I had the exact same error. I uninstalled all the WordPress migrate and migrate modules (uninstalling migrate may not have been necessary), removed from site directory and then reinstalled.

I re-installed Migrate 7.x-2.6 and WordPress Migrate 7.x-2.3-beta2+4-dev.

After that the import worked.

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