I have defined my own entity: 'game'; created some 'games' with entity_create; and loaded one of these 'games' into a form for editing. Now, I want to update the entity with my submit handler. Here is the relevant code inside the handler:

$game = entity_load_single('game', $form_state['values']['game_id']);
$wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('game', $game);

This throws:


EntityMetadataWrapperException: Entity property some_property doesn't support writing. in EntityStructureWrapper->setProperty() (line 493 of /.../sites/all/modules/contrib/entity/includes/entity.wrapper.inc).

I was looking for a function like entity_update, but it doesn't seem to exist. How can I update my 'game' entities? Thanks.

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You're probably looking for entity_save().

If you want to use a metadata wrapper for a custom entity properties you need to implement hook_entity_property_info() to describe them to the entity module, especially setter callbacks which are used to set the value of the property.


If you created your entity via entity_create (as you mentioned), you can set/override non-writable properties outside of the entity wrapper during the entity creation, e.g.

$entity = entity_create('games',
      'type' => 'game', 
      'changed' => REQUEST_TIME,     
      'some_property' => 'some value',        
$wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('game', $entity);  

Otherwise you'll need to write your own setter callback as already suggested.

See also: How to fix entity property X doesn't support writing, when setting content type field values?

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