I am struggling to get a working custom implementation of a cck_phone field from the cck_phone module. I have included my partially working code at the bottom.

What seems to be not working is that the function cck_phone_phone_number_process expects to be able to retrieve information about the widget with

$instance = field_widget_instance($element, $form_state); $settings = $instance['settings'];

However in my implementation, field_widget_instance($element, $form_state) returns NULL, resulting in both $instance and $settings being NULL and problems further on in the cck_phone_phone_number_process function.

What does work is that the code below does render a properly populated country code dropdown and phone number entry textfield.

My code to create the custom cck_phone field:

$form_section['phone']['field_phone_home'] = array(
    '#type' => 'phone_number',
    '#field_parents' => array(
    '#field_name' => 'field_phone_home',
    '#language' => 'und',
    '#delta' => 0,
  • cck_phone does define a form element (good) but uses field functions (bad), have you tried to file an issue on drupal.org? by custom implementation I assume you mean a custom form which is not an entity form with fields on it? – hkoosha Oct 6 '14 at 18:08
  • I have filed an issue on Drupal.org. I have received no help from that issue. I guess I don't fully understand the second part of your comment - "by custom implementation I assume you mean a custom form which is not an entity form with fields on it?" By "custom form" I mean it is a form built in code using various fields from various parts of user profiles, not a built in form to a module, or part of webform or something like that. – DrCord Oct 6 '14 at 21:09
  • yeah that's what I meant, the form is not an entity form (even a custom entity type) -> thus field hooks wont be called -> probably you have no luck and should to patch the module! – hkoosha Oct 6 '14 at 21:13
  • The phone field works fine elsewhere, rendering an extension field, etc. I find it hard to believe that it works elsewhere perfect, but cannot work here...can you support your supposition with evidence? – DrCord Oct 7 '14 at 13:12
  • Can you give me an example of it working elsewhere, somewhere which is not an entity creation/editing form? maybe I can figure it out what's wrong – hkoosha Oct 7 '14 at 15:57

I was unable to find an exact answer to this question, but I was able to find a work around to get the extensions to load.

using form_alter, after the field is partially built in a form function

//set value for office extension
    $form_state['storage']['$profiles']['personal_information']->field_phone_office[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['extension'] != NULL
    $field_phone_office_ext_value = $form_state['storage']['$profiles']['personal_information']->field_phone_office[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['extension'];
    $field_phone_office_ext_value = '';

  $form['user-information']['user-information-fieldset']['profile']['phone']['field_phone_office']['extension'] = array(
    '#type' => 'textfield',
    '#title' => t('Ext.'),
    '#default_value' => $field_phone_office_ext_value,
    '#value' => $field_phone_office_ext_value,
    '#size' => 10,
    '#maxlength' => 10,
    '#weight' => 2,
    '#attributes' => array(
      'class' => array(

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