I have two organic nodetypes. One of the types has a prepopulated reference field referencing the other nodetype. This means that when i create a node of OG type A it will automatically reference to OG type B.

My problem however is that when i save nodetype A it i get redirected to nodetype B.

I am looking for a way to (using rules ) redirect to nodetype A (the node just created, which is the normal workflow).

Help appreciated..

  • after creating A, it should redirect to A. I think you need to find out why it is not doing the default behavior
    – 2pha
    Sep 28, 2014 at 4:19

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As a workaround i created a rule (rules module) where i redirected the user upon saving new content. In my action i used this piece of code:

global $user; $uid = $user->uid; $result = db_query ( "SELECT * FROM {og_membership} WHERE etid = :uid and entity_type = 'user' order by gid DESC", array (':uid' => $uid ) );

Then i used this for my page redirect:

<?php print "node/".$_SESSION['ses_user_group_gid']; ?>

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