i have made a event calendar with fullcalendar module.

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Now what i need is that when a user clicks on the date box for example 9-sept he should be send to a custom url with the full date in the URL.

And i need to highlight the date boxes with colors based on my event type.

Any clues ?


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Have you done this with the Drupal Full Calendar Views module?

If yes, then its quite simple...

  1. Add another field for "event date" and format the date in the format you wish to use in the url , e.g., Y-M-D , then hide that field using "exclude from display".
  2. In the field you want to have as the link, click re-write results.
  3. Enter the path you wish to link to, using the event date pattern rewrite pattern you created in step 1. Your url should look like <a href="/events/[event-date]">Link</a>

As for highlighting the colour depending on event type, create another field for "node:type", and use that in the same rewrite results field as above, so your rewrite field is...

<a class="[node-type]" href="/events/[event-date]">Link</a>

Which will render out as...

<a class="event" href="/events/2014-06-24">Link</a>

Then in CSS, declare classes for your node type, for example...

.event {background:red}

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