I always used Commerce Kickstart as a starting point for making e-commerce stores, but this time I opted to go with pure drupal + commerce modules.

One problem I have is that the cart view I get when I enter the checkout process is non-editable: it's just the list of items. The view used by the checkout is "Shopping cart form (Commerce Order)", and the cart uses Shopping cart summary (Commerce Order). The latter has "remove" button in rows and an "update cart " link. Actually, I was able to replicate the elements of the formerin tha latter, save for the update" cart link.

I can get the one I am used to by going to view cart, but I do not get this one on chceckout. I tried to change settings at admin/commerce/config/checkout/form/pane/cart_content, but I can't get the desired result.

Any Ideas?

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