I have added primary links and enable as expaned . Which is working fine for me

> About 
>  - test1 
>  - test2 
>  - test3

Now i want when i click on about or nay test1, test2, test3 page

I want a block on left sidebar containing sub menu items


Anybody have an idea how to do this

I am using Bootstrap 3 sub theme


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You can use Menu Block Module. It will display your menu as a block.

1) Create a new menu block.

2) Select parent menu as a "About".

3) Select its region and page visibility to about page url (and inner pages urls too if you want to display it on inner pages.)

4)Click on save.

  • Thansks a lot..
    – Hitu
    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:06

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