There are two contents in my website, say CA and CB, I created a view for each one and it displays 10 items and for the rest of the items pager is used. CA is in the sidebar first region and CB is the main content which lists some thing. the Use AJAX:Yes configuration is used for CA and Use AJAX:No for CB is used. the problem is when the next link in CB pager is clicked and the page goes to www.example.com/content?pager=2 both CA and CB are going to the second page of the 10 contents. why they are conflicting and how do I can solve this problem?


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You can assign a different PagerID to the pager when editing the View. This should compensate for the conflict. By default, all pagers have an ID of 0, but if you need 2 views on the same page, then you need to manually select a different ID for one of them.

  • I can't believe I missed such simple thing. thanks
    – M a m a D
    Oct 2, 2014 at 19:09

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