I am trying to use the Views Gantt module and getting nowhere fast.

The Status Report is complaining that it cannot find the dhtmlxgantt JS library in the libraries directory - despite my having checked its presence over and over.

Has anyone any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


Are you sure the dhtmlxgantt JS library is located in: sites/all/libraries/dhtmlxgantt ?

Within that folder you should have extracted the original library which should have: sites/all/libraries/dhtmlxgantt/codebase and sites/all/libraries/dhtmlxgantt/samples.

Also make sure the "dhtmlxgantt" folder name is all lower case.


A typical explanation for this is that if you're using the older version in the 7.x-1.x branch (eg because there is no stable 2.x version yet) then you should use the older DHTMLX 1.3 library, which you can still download from this DHTML Gannt link.

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