Is it possible to create a pane template based on some kind of identifier? Just Like you can create a page--node--123.tpl.php file to render a different page for a node with nid 123, i'd like to make a panels-pane--pid--123.tpl.php to render a specific pane with pid 123 I have tried looking on google but i have found nothing about this possibility.

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After a lot of working around & trial & error methods, I got this.

  1. Copy your "panels-pane.tpl.php" in your current theme's template directory.
  2. include dpm($pane); in a php tag. This will give u the list of all the panes on ur current panel page.
  3. Note down the pid ($pane->pid) here.

    • If you are looking for a particular page the unqiue identifier for that whole page would be did ($pane->did) which is the display id.
    • Basically, every panel page has a unique did (display id) & different pid (pane Id) for all the panes on that particular page.
  4. Now in your "panels-pane.tpl.php" in the div code block with class="pane-content" you could write a php code like

    if($pane->pid=='some id' & $pane->did=='some id') {
    //modify your pane data from the variables at $pane->configuration & store in $content.
       $content = your modified data;
       print render($content); // render this pane with my modified data
    print render($content); // (and) render other panes as normal
  • Thanks, that's quite a dirty solution but i get the idea. It'll do
    – valepu
    Nov 19, 2014 at 14:11

when you use the dpm($pane), you can also use the $pane->type variable to get the value of pane type & use this to create a separate template file that affects all the panes of this type only.

for example: In my scenario, i had added custom-content on pane. (Pane > Add content > Add custom content) So i had a few of such content-panes, which i wanted to be wrapped around in different html divs for structuring.

In my case, on dpm($pane) this $pane->type value was "custom". (This could be view, block, etc, as per the pane data) So I created "panels-pane--custom.tpl.php". This will affect all the panes of this (custom) type. Further, as my above answer, for a given panel node, I know my page's display id ($pane->did).

So use an if condition on this display-id & further you can use if / else-if / switch on $pane->pid for altering a particular pane.

    if($pane->did=='some-id') {
       switch($pane->pid) {
       case 'pid1' : some code stored into $content & then - print render($content); break;
       case 'pid2' : some code stored into $content & then - print render($content); break;
       default     : print render($content);

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