I'm working on a RPG website. Users are awarded userpoints (named XP for the need of the "game") depending on their actions.

I want to make a level system based on these userpoints. I already made a table using Drupal Data, which stores values for each level (level number, minimum XP, maximum XP, and some ratios to apply when a user is earning points).

My question is : How can I refer to this table to check a user level (and all the values attached) depending on the user's amount of XP?

I tried with Rules, but no success.

  • if your custom table has a column uid you can reference with global $user?!
    – Akko
    Oct 3, 2014 at 21:24
  • My custom table doesn't have a custom uid. This table is only used to store the level values. I wish I could do something like this : when a user gain or lose XP, then check new XP value, then compare to minXP and maxXP values in the table (minXP <= XP <= maxXP), then fill user profile special fields with values taken from the relevant row in the table. The problem is that I'm not a developper at all, so I have no idea on how to achieve this. Oct 4, 2014 at 8:43

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Give it some thought to replace that table you made with:

  1. a new content type (eg called "XP") and
  2. with custom fields as in your question, such as:

    • level number.
    • minimum XP.
    • maximum XP.
    • some ratios.

That way you could create 1 node for each row in your table, with field values matching the values in those table rows. If appropriate, use the Feeds module to automatically create 1 node for each row in your table.

After you'd have created such nodes, you could use them in combination with the modules you're already using / considering, such as User Points and Rules.

To implement that "level system" (as in your question), you can probably use the Goals module (disclosure: I'm the maintainer of it). If you're not familar with this module, have a look at "How to implement gamification in a Drupal site and award incentives?".

Bonus tip: since you're thinking of using User Points and Rules already, you may also want to look at the answer to "How to access current amount of earned userpoints in a Rules Condition?" (pretty sure you'll need something like that also).

PS: All this only requires site builder skills (no need for any custom coding).

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