I am developing a drupal site along with the mobile application. I want to store the latitude , longitude of the user who registers in my site... I can see there are many location based modules available but i want to use the one which affers the map ui on the registeration form and the user types in its address and through reverse geocoding i could fetch the latitude and longitude of that place.

Basically i need location module during registeration form Thanks

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    Oct 21, 2011 at 4:33

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In Drupal 6, the obvious answer would be use the Location and Gmaps or OpenLayers module. I've used it on many many sites and it generally works well. Another very good alternative in Drupal 6 that I just found now is HTML5 user geolocation, that looks awesome and its what drupal.org uses!

However if I was using Drupal 7, I would definitely use the Geolocation Field module. I've tried it out and its really awesome and easy for users.

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