Hi I'm trying to save a field into another field in the same form when the form is submitted.

I've tried using hook_form_alter and checked for count($form_state['input']) > 0 to save $form['account']['field_first_name'] into $form['profile']['field_first_name']

I know you may say that I can use the profile2 module. I'm already using that. I just need to figure out how to save one field value into another field when a form is submitted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Got it! In my hook_form_alter function I added $form['#submit'][]='my_submit';

Then I created the my_submit() function.

function my_submit($form, &$form_state) {
  if (count($form_state['input']) > 0) {
    $form_state['values']['profile']['field_first_name'] = $form_state['values']['field_first_name'];
    $form_state['values']['profile']['field_last_name'] = $form_state['values']['field_last_name'];
    $form_state['values']['profile']['field_groups'] = $form_state['values']['field_groups'];


The important parts of the function above to notice are form_state_values_clean($form_state); then I access the values through $form_state['values'] array.

Hope this helps someone else looking to do the same functionality.

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