I've added a new field to a content type, using the Entity Reference module.

The new field is to allow entry of up to 4 related articles (curated content - chosen by the admin) per article. I've set the field to allow up to 4 values - but using the 'Autocomplete (tags style)' widget it doesn't seem possible to enter more than one option.

Any suggestions/solutions?

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    I think just plain old "Autocomplete" (no "tags style") is what you want, but if you can post some screenshots of your field configuration, that might be helpful as well. – Webdrips Oct 9 '14 at 1:34

To select multiple items with "Autocomplete (tags style)", you must enter a comma-separated list in the text box. Otherwise, if you want to enter the values in separate text boxes, use the plain "Autocomplete" widget type.

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