I want to retrieve some images from my website to my local Drupal website but my website is under .htaccess password protect so I need to enter a username and password to login. I know the password and username but when I try to get the images through stage file proxy it doesn't work and it's probably because the website is under shield. What should I add in my settings.php file in order for stage file proxy to go through the shield?


See module's INSTALL.txt file:

If the site is using HTTP Basic Authentication (the browser popup for username and password) you can embed those in the url. Be sure to URL encode any special characters:

For example, setting a user name of "myusername" and password as, "letme&in" the configuration would be the following:

$conf['stage_file_proxy_origin'] = 'http://myusername:letme%26in@example.com';

Another way, if you have a static IP, is to bypass the Apache auth for certain IP addresses.

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