I have a solr installed in my server(centos 6.5).and everything works fine and my conf files exist where they should be. I try to connect to solr by help of search_api_solr module in drupal. Everything works fine on my localhost and one other host I try my website on,but when I try to connect to this solr using a website on the same server as the solr I'm get error

The Solr server could not be reached

where should I start looking for something that went wrong?

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    This question appears to be more about server configuration and it's iptables (or equivalent) than about Drupal. – Mołot Oct 13 '14 at 4:50

problem was caused by selinux on my server.

by disabling selinux and rebooting centOs I could connect to my solr apache.

I found the answer here

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