I'm looking for a solution to my problem that is pretty simple in fact. I'm on an importing task in which I have to create programmatically a node and then populate all its fields.

As we're using the Scald module, we can add several medias to a node. But I can't figure out how to associate several medias to a node ?

I tried the following :

foreach ($file_atoms as $i => $atom) {
    $node_wrapper->field_atom[$i] = $atom->sid;

or :

foreach ($file_atoms as $i => $atom) {

But I get the following error :

Error: Cannot use object of type EntityDrupalWrapper as array

I followed the doc on this page but it does not seems to work..

Can somebody help me ?

I'm encountering the same problem with taxonomies : I'm not able to set multiple values to the node wrapper.

  • Are you sure the field_atom field has the option of taking multiple medias? Oct 14 '14 at 7:46
  • Good question, the field is not configured for several medias... Thanks
    – Seb
    Oct 14 '14 at 8:37

Your issue is that your field_atom field is not configured as multiple.

When it's not, an EntityDrupalWrapper object will give you direct access to the field, instead of having to go through the 0 delta.

Just fix the field_atom options to accept multiple medias, and your code will work fine.

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