I have a local dev environment and a test server environment. Both are running the exact same code.

In a custom module, I added a drush hook to extend the sql_sanitize command in order to ensure all private user data is removed from the development database.

From a directory within my local environment, I can invoke drush like this:

drush sql-sanitize

And my custom drush hook is run properly.

However, when I invoke drush from the same location but targeting my remote server environment (Pantheon, if it matters, and I checked their documentation, but didn't see any relevant notes):

drush @mytestserver sql-sanitize

sql-sanitize resolves, but the custom drush hook is not called, even though the module containing the hook is enabled locally and on the test server.

I tried invoking the command from a directory outside my local dev environment, but again sql-sanitize resolved without the custom drush hook being called.

How can I execute the drush hook in a remote environment from my local machine?

I have tried both Drush 5.9 and 6.4.0.

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If I understood correctly, we had a similar problem with drush < 6.4, drush was not passing the alias to the remote server if root and uri where not specified.

One way to solve it is to define $conf['root'] and $conf['uri'] in your local alias, the other is to use drush 7.


I eventually "solved" this by moving the SQL into myfile.sql and running it like this:

`drush @myalias sql-connect` < myfile.sql

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