I have a check box acting as the dependee. When it is checked, it opens up a free-tagging term-reference field. So when A is checked, B appears and users can add tags:

A (checkbox): [] B (tags): [________]

In the settings I have the following selected:

"Reset the dependent to its default values when the form is submitted if the dependency is not triggered."

The default value for the term-ref field is blank. When the checkbox (dependee) is unchecked and the content saved, it should revert to the default value. However, all added terms remain.

Is there a way to remove all taxonomy terms in this scenario? I have multiple dependee/dependent fields in the content type, so it would have to act independently of other fields.

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In the conditional fields settings I had used the following:

  • The dependent field is: visible

  • When the dependee: is checked

For some reason this does not revert the dependent to its default value if the dependee is deactivated on saving. Instead, I used these settings and it works:

  • The dependent field is: visible

  • When the dependee: is has value

  • (select the name of the checkbox)

This might be because I have used the label as the value for the checkboxes (instead of the default 0 & 1).

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