I'm trying to use both the "Media" module (1.4) (to manage uploaded files) and the "File (Field) Paths" (to keep the uploaded files organized in various subfolders).

Basically, I have a content type that has several taxonomy fields and a media field. The taxonomy fields are mandatory and accept only one value each. I want the media file to be uploaded in a folder that uses the various taxonomy fields as a path, and I've configured the file field accordingly (using the "file (field) paths" options). So the file should be saved to e.g.:


My problem is that, when manually creating a new node and adding a file to it, the file is just saved to the root of the public files directory:


So the "file (field) paths" configuration for this field seems to be ignored. This also happens if I add a file after the node has been created and saved.
Since I expect the site will have a lot (thousands, maybe tens of thousands) of uploaded files, I fear that storing all of them in the same folder will have an impact on the performance of the site.

What's strange is that when I use the feeds module to import and create nodes in bulk (via a CSV file), the "file (field) paths" configuration is working as intended. The files are saved in the "complex" path.

So why wouldn't it work when creating a node manually?...
Any idea for a solution?

Thanks in advance.


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No definitive answer so far, but I should note that I have been able to make this option work again simply by enabling the (very intimidating) option "Active updating" in the field's settings. (So in admin/structure/types/manage/[content-type]/fields/[field-name])

The "File (Field) Paths" developer warns that "This feature should only be used on developmental servers or with extreme caution", but since it's the only solution I've found so far, I'm going to keep this option enabled for now.

Hope this helps someone.


Update to File (Field) Paths >= 7.x-1.0-rc1 and issue is resolved.

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