Please check screenshot , without moving to any new URl when i click on Q&A it shows at right side the result even i can edit and save without going to new URL, everything happens on same page Is it possible in Drupal to do thatimg autorefresh


Of course it's possible, with or without Drupal. Here is the second link from google: Ajaxify Drupal with JQuery Ajax

Ajax links API module help you to load any content to a specified DIV or ajaxify whole drupal site, using JQuery Ajax. This module will also load JS for Ajax-loaded content by using Drupal.attachBehaviors(). In case you dont want to load js or css, you can alter tpl for path/node type.

  • Thats look grt..let me try once ..thanks Xurshid.Appreciate – Brad Oct 14 '14 at 15:29

If this is a content type or entityform, you can use install Field Group with Field Group Ajaxified Multipage and this thing on the left can be a block (Multipage jumplist).

Alternatively consider Quick Tabs.

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