I have a multi-valued image field and I'd like to use its delta value with the Custom Formatters module. What I want to do would be really simple with html+tokens if it were to work:

<div id="cf">
  <a href="[node:url]"><img class="bottom"  style="border:0;"src="[node:field_image:0]" alt="[node:title]" ></a>
  <a href="[node:url]"><img class="top"  style="border:0;" src="[node:field_image:1]" alt="[node:title]" ></a>

However, I don't see the option for the delta value available in the list of tokens available, and using that code would just end up with [node:field_image:0] and [node:field_image:1] being replaced as src=""

Could you please advice me on how to do this? I think I need to use php but I don't know how. Thank you very much!

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here a sample for rendering (image) fields but you can easily access to other fields of entity:

$output = '';
foreach ($variables['#items'] as $item) {
  $output .= theme('file_link', array('file' => (object) $item));
return $output;

Another line example for manual image rendering:

$output .= '<img typeof="foaf:Image" src="'.image_style_url('YOUR_IMAGE_STYLE', $your_entity->your_field['und'][0]['uri']).'" alt="'.$your_entity->your_field['und'][0]['alt'].'"/>';

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