I am using ldap for Drupal 7. After successfully authenticating, how do I create a Drupal user.

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The LDAP module will also allow you to automatically create a user after authentication.

  • Once you configure your server, look at the third tab LDAP authorization Choose edit to configure that server
  • Under basic, enable and Only apply the following LDAP to drupal role configuration to users authenticated via LDAP.

  • You can set the role of the new user by checking drupal roles are specified by LDAP attributes under IIB. Also name the field that will be use to determine role

  • Configure part III. LDAP to drupal role mapping and filtering For example, if the title field is Staff you may want to give a staff role Staff|staff
  • Part 4 IV.B. When should drupal roles be granted/revoked from user? Check "When a user logs on"
  • IV.C. What actions would you like performed when drupal roles are granted/revoked from user? Check Revoke drupal roles previously granted by LDAP Authorization but no longer valid.

There are other settings that you can configure but this should get you started.


the Ldap and Simple LDAP modules both can create Drupal user accounts for you after authentication. Read the project documentation and readme files.

For example from the Simple Ldap project page:

Simple LDAP User

This module allows authentication to the LDAP directory configured in the Simple LDAP module. It also provides synchronization services both to and from LDAP and Drupal. It supports mapping LDAP attributes to Drupal user object fields (both native, and using Field API).

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