I need to be able to respond to the ready event within the Chart module.

I have Homebox installed and one of the blocks used in it is a google chart. The homebox resize action takes place before the chart has finished rendering and is misalligned.

I need to call the homebox resize action from the chart ready event. Currently I have added this code to the charts_google.js file, which works fine but I need to move it out of the chart module into my custom module.

function myReadyHandler(){ // added this

function renderCharts() {
 google.visualization.events.addListener(wrap, 'ready', myReadyHandler); // added this

The variables in question is wrap. How can I get access to this variable in my own module without hacking charts_google.js?


Consider looking at issues #1196712 and 1715638, which seem to be like variations of your request.

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