I want to send an email to another email, rather than admin Email, When user create an account

Can Anybody tell me how to do that . I am using drupal 7



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  1. Download, install & Enable Rules module.

  2. Goto

    Admin -> Configuration -> Rules

-> Click on Component tab -> Add Component

-> Select Action set -> In Component Plugin ->

Name: Send email to inactive user

Datatype: User,


Machine_name: active_user

Usage: Parameter

-> Add action -> data selector: active_user

-> Enter the subject & body & save

-> Go back & Add new rule

-> React on Event : After Saving a new new user a/c

-> Add Action -> Select Schedule Component Evaluation

-> Value : Choose your component

-> Identifier : [account:uid]

-> Data selector : account

If you have any doubt then you may CLICK

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