I am using Newsletter module to send newsletter to all my registered users. I have created two lists

  1. Blog

  2. Project (Have created templates for them as well).

My questions are;

The test mail just sends the [node: title] like tokens. What should I add to mail the contents of the node?


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First, the newsletter module isn't yet stable, so I am giving you a solution for the Simplenews module.

If you want to send Views in a newsletter, you want to use the Viewsfield module. It allows you to create a Views field for your Simplenews content type. Then create a single Simplenews node and add your required View (there's a dropdown available with all active Views).

Since the content of the Views might change and you want to send the newsletter on a regular basis, you also need the Simplenews Scheduler module. It allows you to send the newsletter for example once a week with the updated content of your selected view.

I did something like that some time ago and also added a documentation on drupal.org.

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