I am doing theming of user edit profile page

Now i have three fields here

Password, currentpassword, confirm password

What are their field items

i have tried

    <?php print render($user_profile['account']['pass']['pass1']); ?>
<?php print render($user_profile['account']['pass']['pass2']);

Which is not working

Also i am not sure about third filed

Anybody can tell me


  • Checkout DEVEL module. It will give you a detailed look of all the fields in a page. – Ahmed Jabar Oct 17 '14 at 9:55

You should use:

<?php print render($user_profile['account']['pass']); ?>

The password field is only split into 2 in a #process function, and you can't access the separate fields before the element is rendered. To do that you would need to provide a #theme property for the element itself, and write a function/template that returns the desired markup.

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