I have a website where 80% of it are Webforms. Admins can create webforms themselves and registered users can fill them in. ( A PDF will be created etc etc...).

Now I have to make this website in 3 other languages then the default.

I Found already the following module:


Now my initial question:

Imagine you have a webform in the wizard with a label, and a textarea and a default value as type or static text. What is the best way to get the 'default' values in the context translated?

Example https://i.stack.imgur.com/t4uLi.png

Note: This is text which got changed for every webform generated on the website.

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This is content - not static text; your only options are to translate it manually yourself or use one of the contrib modules like Lingotek or Cloudwords.


If you use Entity Translation (recommended), you can use the Webform Translation module.

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