In Drupal 7, a menu block can specify maximum levels. If the maximum levels is not enough to cover all menu items linked node, when in the not-covered menu items linked node, could menu be active at their parent menu item?

For example, a menu has 3 levels, and specify maximum levels = 2, when at level 3 menu item linked node, could open its parent menu item in level 2?

Have a menu like this: M1 M11 M111 M112 - link node PageM112 M12 M121 M2

If maximum levels = unlimites At PageM112 node page, the menu will be like this. M1 M11 M111 M112 - linking to PageM112 M12 M2

If maximum levels = 2, going to PageM112 node page, the menu will closed, like this. M1 M2 M3

In this situation, could the menu be active at its parent menu item, M11, with the menu expanded like this? M1 M11 - active M12 M2

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If I understand correctly you need the Menu Position module. Using this module you can keep Parent Menu item active at any level of it's sub items.

This module allows for the creation of rules that will dynamically add the current page into the menu system at the requested spots.

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