I haven't worked with multi-domain setups in the past so I did some research regarding the options for altering my website to accommodate for specific multi-domain needs.

My immediate need is to have a specific content type appear in links like:


According to what I've found so far, the Subdomain module fits my use case exactly however, there are 4 things that keep me from installing it:

  1. Very small user base (272 sites using it according to drupal.org)
  2. It's a beta version since 2011 and the latest dev seems to be 4 months old
  3. It does not work with Global Redirect module (which I happen to use in my site)
  4. I will most likely need full sub-domain support in my website in the near future (different theme, custom user paths in separate domains etc).

Based on that, I came across the Domain Access module which seems to be the way to go for my future needs having the added benefit of a large user base, frequent maintenance releases and a stable version.

My question is the following:

Is there a way to minimally setup the Domain Access module to suit my needs for now (give me the option to setup a custom content type as a separate domain) and configure any advanced settings later? Is there any other solution that my research did not reveal?


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I had the exact same choice to make 1 year ago and Domain Access was the best way to go.

To answer your questions:

  • You can always configure what content is available on each domain (basically you will set the new subdomain and set your specific content type to be available only there)

  • You can worry about advanced settings later; keep in mind now that almost all setting throughout the whole site can be differently set for each subdomain

  • A good recommendation would be a multi site install like Karel suggested

  • Another approach would be to just put some rewrite rules in your server, and have multiple themes set on each path which can contain a view that serves your content (this is pretty limited depending on what you want)

  • The Domain Access module comes with a lot of modules packed in and many, many more as available (including the domain_content_types module). Did you do a clean install in your case? Do you happen to remember which modules you enabled? Also, I have read that Domain Access requires node permissions to be rebuilt. Any links broke during the transition?
    – user6102
    Oct 21, 2014 at 18:36
  • I had an existing Drupal installation, I had to install Domain Access and followed the usual procedure, like updating Drupal, updating database scheme. I enabled all except Domain Strict, but I would recommend you enable all of it as Domain Strict also forces users to be assigned to a domain in order to view content on that domain; depending on what you are looking for here. Nothing broke during the install, links were fine. Oct 22, 2014 at 11:19

Have you considered just using the basic Drupal multisite setup using sites.php and a subdirectory for each site's settings file? This is the way to go if you want fully separated databases, but with a shared repository of modules and themes (and you can add site-specific ones too if you wanted).

Look at the file sites/example.sites.php, that should be enough to get your started.

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