I am writing a cck-widget/field and formatter. My field-settings contains a "base_url" setting. If I draw that out:

http://example.com/ [_some/path/to/a/file.avi________]

http://example.com is the base_url. some/path/to/a/file.avi is what user provides and gets stored in database.

The formatter should append that base_url to the user-supplied values:

function theme_video_url_formatter_embed($element) {
   return "$element['base_url']/$element['#item']['safe']";

How can I pass the variable from field-setting $base_url along, so it ends up in that formatter-theme-function?


You can take number.module from the CCK package as an example; it allows prefix and suffix values in the field settings that are rendered in the formatter.

In theme_number_formatter_generic() the field settings are retrieved using $field = content_fields($element['#field_name'], $element['#type_name']);. The values are then taken from the $field array, sanitized and added to the output.

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